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David R Small

Dallas, Texas I Wanted Was To Expand My Bar And Grill But My Personal Credit Was Not Good So I Contacted Richard And He Help Me To Get The Money I Needed To Expand In Two Days I Got The $60,000.00

Angel McGregor, New York, Ny.

Yes Richard Help Me To Get The Funds I Needed To Keep My Operation Going Smooth, I Was ReallySurprised At How Fast I Got My Money In Three Days.

Drew Thomas, Chicago, IL

I Needed To Expand My Lumber And Hardware Business But I Could Not Get A Penny From My Bank They Told Me Maybe In 30-days After They Do Their Due Diligence. Richard Got Me $110,000.00 In Two Days Yes Two Working Days No Sweat.

Philip Harris, Los Angeles, CA.

My Credit Is The Worse Due To A Recent Divorce And I Needed Some Cash To Do Some Things In My Business To Keep Everything Running Smooth, Three Banks Told Me No When I Applied, Richard Got Me $100,000.00 In Three Days, Thank You Richard. I Am Going To Tell All My Friends And Send You Some More Business.

David Austin, San Jose, CA.

I Knew I Could Double Me Profit lf I Carried A Few More Supplies In My Building Supply Company, I Know With My Bank It Would Take 30-Days To Know If I Was Approved, So I Heard About Richard And His Company And I Contacted Him And The Rest Is History, I Got $150,000.00 Threw Him And I Can Always Go Back And Get More Money If Needed.